Strategically located in key oil & gas operating areas.



Sprint Energy Locations

Houston – Corporate Headquarters

952 Echo Lane, Suite 460
Houston, Texas 77024

Diposal Facilities

Strategically located in some of the world’s most active oil & gas producing regions, our Disposal facilities are prepared to help E&P and service companies improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of their operations.

Call us today at 1-800-823-DUMP for your oilfield waste disposal needs. 


Karnes County Disposal 

900 South County Road 153
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Pecos County Disposal (Now Open)

4701 Mobil Plant Road
Coyanosa, Texas 79730

Reagan County Diposal

3001 New Ringo Blacktop Rd.
Big Lake, Texas 76932 


Service Facilities

All of our operating bases provide a comprehensive portfolio of environmental, fluid management, well servicing, pipeline development and personnel safety for our customers all over Texas, and beyond.

Kenedy, TX 

1414 South County Road 153
Kenedy, Texas 78119

Asherton, TX

6431 Highway 83
Asherton, Texas 78827

Midland, TX 

5507 East County Road 127
Midland, Texas 79706

Pecos, TX

2017 Oil Mill Road
Pecos, Texas 79772