Safety & Environmental

We take pride in our safety and environmental services.


Safety & Environmental

Safety H2S Monitoring ServicesAt Sprint Energy Services, we take pride in our safety and environmental services. More than helping you maintain compliance, our services are provided to ensure the safety of your people and the state of our environment are a top priority.

We offer a wide selection of containment berms, H2S monitoring services, VOC eliminators, site remediation services, spill containment equipment support – and much more.

H2S Field Safety Services

Of all the potential hazards at a new wellsite, the presence of H2S gas is among the most ominous and potentially risky to you and your employees. Sprint Energy Services provides monitoring services that immediately identify the presence of H2S gas to reduce potential risks to your well site personnel. Our teams have state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, proper respiratory protective apparatus and well proven and documented technical skills to assess potential hazards and possible risk exposure at your locations.

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